Why travel to Thailand for Healthcare Treatment?

Why travel to Thailand for Healthcare?

Thailand’s reputation for graceful and top-quality service makes Thailand become the medical tourism hub of Asia and the world. Suvarnabhumi Airport has flights arriving and departing from all over the world. Thailand’s culture of attentive service and modern treatments will definitely make Thailand one of your top choices.

Treatments Price Comparison

Procedure USA Price


Thai Price

Hip Replacement

$ 44,740

$ 7,915

Knee Replacement

$ 53,017

$ 7,837

Knee Ligament Surgery

$ 24,607

$ 6,269

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

$ 11,185

$ 8,151


$ 6,756

$ 1,567

Breast Implants

$ 6,152

$ 2,005


$ 10,626

$ 1,275


$ 10,178

$ 3,135

Dental Crown

$ 845

$ 200

Dental Implant

$ 4,362

$ 1,176


$ 700

$ 155

Laser Hair Removal

$ 429

$ 29

Tummy Tuck

$ 6,800

$ 3,764

Eyelid Surgery

$ 4,500

$ 1,050


$ 800

$ 400


$ 3,000

$ 657


Why are Thailand’s prices so cheap?

Thailand’s government sees both tourism and medical tourism as a key catalyst to drive the economy, lower income inequality as well as provides sustainability. Due to this, medical industries have lower costs by acquiring various subsidies and funding. Furthermore, lower costs of living, wages, and machinery enable medical institutions in Thailand to be able to provide services for much cheaper prices than others.

Why are Thailand’s prices so competitive?

Thailand’s medical tourism market is a very competitive one, with lower costs than many rivaling countries, this represents a great opportunity for Thais to take advantage of. Over time with more and more institutions being erected higher levels of competition is to be expected.

Why is Thailand promoted as a medical tourism destination?

Thailand is promoted as the world’s prime medical tourist destination for many reasons. With high-quality services and low prices, many middle-class tourists are able to afford upper-class treatment abroad, rather than receiving lower quality treatment in their home countries with higher prices. Furthermore, Thailand is one of the world’s prime tourist destinations; with serene mountaintops and pristine white beaches, visitors can be ensured with the most beautiful sights.

Thailand has multiple tourist attractions that have drawn many tourists from across the globe. Its warm sunny weather, effective tourism infrastructure and have course the world-famous Thai cuisine! Thailand is also an aviation hub in the South Asian region with all major domestic and international destination aviation on a daily basis.

Where do Thailand’s medical tourists come from?

Thailand’s medical tourists mainly come from the Middle East and neighboring countries such as Singapore, Cambodia, and Indonesia. In 2017, 610,000 medical tourists came from the Middle East, mainly from the United Arab Emirates, Iran, and Oman. Moreover, many of Thailand’s medical tourists are from China and that figure continues to grow. Moreover, many Japanese tourists have started to choose Thailand as their healthcare destination, with magnificent facilities dedicated to Japanese people such as the “Japanese Hospital by Samitivej” which offers a cozy Japanese atmosphere whilst at the same time incorporating decorative Thai craftsmanship.

Hospital size and economy of scale

All hospitals in Thailand have already accomplished ISO 9001:2000 accreditation, moreover, most hospitals have their personalized healthcare audit facility and own quality assurance departments to maintain their top level standard of healthcare services. Some hospitals in Thailand are also specialized for specific groups of people such as the Japanese Hospital by Samitivej and also the currently under construction Muslim Hospital by Samitivej as well thus enabling them to specialize and provide higher level of services to their consumers and patients.

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