Top 3 Dental Procedures in Thailand

Why Should You Get Dental Treatment in Thailand?

Statistically, Thailand offers dental treatment services at the same level as those from developed countries like the United States or the United Kingdom. Dental clinics in Thailand offer varieties of services starting from a standard procedure like teeth whitening to even more complex operations like a Zygomatic dental implant (Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic).

Why Choose Thailand Over Other Country?

1. Cost

The cost of dental procedures in Thailand is comparably cheaper than the rest of the world. The reason that dental work is much cheaper is that the average cost of living in Thailand is relatively very cheap compared to other medical tourism countries like Malaysia or Singapore, and not to mention other Western countries. While in the USA, a dental implant without any insurance could cost you thousands of dollars, the same treatment can be economically paid out of pocket in Thailand. You could be saving up to 50 percent or more getting your teeth done right in Thailand on most of the procedures. According to a report, a simple procedure like veneers can easily put you in bankruptcy if you do it in the States for about $1,800 USD, while you can get the same treatment in Thailand for approximately around $250 USD. That is almost 80 percent cheaper!

2. Quality

Low prices do not always go with low quality all the time. While the dental costs might actually seem very low for medical tourists. However, the quality of dental services in Thailand is literally on par with developed or westernized countries. In Thailand, graduating with a degree in dentistry is not easy. For those students who want to be a dentist, they have to take a 6-year long dentistry program at the accredited school in order to obtain a DDS degree. Moreover, the majority of the dentistry program in Thailand are often affiliated with both national and international dental associations. This is a major reason why dentistry in Thailand is remarkably second to none.

3. Convenience

Traveling to Thailand has never been this easy before. Thailand is considered a gateway to Southeast Asia and is arguably one of the flying hubs of the Southeast Asia region. There are huge amounts of flights that fly directly over to Thailand daily. Apart from your dental work, patients can simply get a quick vacation trip to popular tourist attractions across Thailand as well. Patients can easily take a domestic flight to Phuket, Krabi, Chiang Mai, or a short road trip to Pattaya, in which all of those options take approximately only one and a half hours!

Top 3 Dental Procedures in Thailand

Most of the dental facility in Thailand offers a variety of dental treatments starting from basic dental cleaning to advanced dental implants. The advancement of the procedures they offered is relatively on par with the rest of the dental industry. The following lists are arguably the most advanced procedures that the Thai dental clinic offers

1. Zygomatic Implant

A zygomatic implant is an alternative rehabilitation technique for the dental implant used for a patient who has serious dental complications. These implants are anchored in the patient’s upper jaw, which is close to a dense cheekbone (zygoma bone). In some cases, patients who have deteriorated jaws have no other alternative option for their implant but only the zygomatic implant.

2. All-on-4

All-on-4 is a dental implant procedure where 4 implants are anchored into the jaws. All-on-4 is suitable for almost all bone quantities and very little to no bone grafting is required. Moreover, this procedure does not require healing time prior to functioning. This kind of implant is considered the most effective implant in terms of cost and effectiveness.

3. Implant-Supported Dental Bridge

An implant-supported bridge is a dental bridge supported by implants instead of natural teeth. This procedure can be used to replace a small span of missing teeth by placing an implant in the jawbone at each end of the span and connecting them with crowns to form one piece of the dental bridge.

How to choose a dental hospital/clinic in Thailand


Surprisingly, most of the dental clinics in Thailand are equipped with the latest technologies, which is the same equipment that you can find in countries like the United Kingdom or the United States.


Thai dentists are very well-known for their fantastic skills and reputations. Every dentist must process the required qualifications from The Dental Council of Thailand’s Standards to become dental professionals in Thailand.

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