Alternative Quarantine: Un and/or partially vaccinated travelers

What is the Alternative Quarantine Program?

The Alternative Quarantine program is a mandatory quarantine protocol for travelers who do not meet the requirements of the Test and Go and the Sandbox Program.

What are the requirements for the Alternative Quarantine Program?

  • Travelers from any country or territory are eligible for this program
  • Travelers can be arrived in Thailand by air or land
  • Travelers are not required to be fully vaccinated to participate in this program
    • If you are fully vaccinated, the length of your quarantine will be 7 days
    • If you are partially or unvaccinated, the length of your quarantine will be 10 days
    • If you are partially or unvaccinated and arrive by land, the duration of your quarantine will increase to 14 days

List of Required Documents

  • Passport
  • Thai visa (if required)
  • A Medical Certificate with an RT-PCR lab result indicating that COVID-19 is not detected and issued no more than 72 hours before traveling (except Thai nationals).
  • A confirmed payment for AQ accommodation
  • An insurance policy with coverage no less than US$50,000.

How does the process work?

Before Departure

  • Register on Thailand Pass Registration System
  • Fill out the application
  • Upload the required document (along with the valid visa/re-entry permit, if required), and allow 3-5 working days for the approval process. Wait for the approval of the Vaccine Certification and paid accommodation, including the RT-PCR test.
  • Confirm the approval, and receive a Thailand Pass QR Code (or COE).

Upon Arrival

  • Present the Thailand Pass QR Code (or COE) to the Health Control to carry out checks, then proceed through the Immigration procedures.
  • Undergo the RT-PCR COVID-19 test at the reserved accommodation or the pre-arranged test center. (Children aged under 6 years have a saliva test.)
  • Proceed to the hotel by the pre-arranged airport transfer. (Distance from the airport within 2 hours.)
  • Download and install the “MorChana” application

During Your Stay

  • Travelers must complete the quarantine at the pre-booked AQ accommodation before continuing the journey to other destinations
    • If you are fully vaccinated, the duration of quarantine is 7-day long with RT-PCR test on the first day and day 6-7
    • If you are partially or unvaccinated, the 10-day mandatory quarantine is required with RT-PCR test on the first day and day 8-9)
    • If you are traveling by land, you will be quarantined for 14 days with the RT-PCR test on the first day and day 12-13

Upon completion of your quarantine, travelers are free to travel across Thailand or leave the country.  However, you are advised to follow the local guidelines and measures as the COVID-19 situation is still ongoing.


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