Why should you choose Seoul, as your first choice of cosmetic treatment destination?

Why should you choose Seoul, South Korea as your first choice of cosmetic treatment destination?

The rise of cosmetic surgery in South Korea started when the Korean War has ended. Since then cosmetic surgery has become mainstream in South Korean culture. Subsequently, people in South Korea see plastic surgery as a method to improve their physical enhancement and it is very normal to undergo performing it. 

As a result, cosmetic surgery has become one of the biggest industries in South Korea, making it a very competitive business. The hospitals and clinics have to bring out the most advanced techniques and technologies to compete in the industry, which is very beneficial for the customers.  The technology and technique used in the cosmetic surgery industry in South Korea are considered the most advanced in the world and the new methods of surgery have been invented almost every year.  A great example of their surgery technique is when you undergo the surgery, it usually takes a shorter time to recovery compared to somewhere else.  Patients can also enjoy their recovery time by going shopping and sightseeing in Seoul as most of the top cosmetic surgery hospitals are situated in the center of Seoul city.

Top Cosmetic Surgery Hospitals in Seoul

  • Grand Plastic Surgery Hospital

Grand Hospital is located in the Gangnam district in Seoul.  It has over 9 overseas offices across Asia.  Grand constantly improves their facilities and services to meet patient satisfaction. They are known for their customer-oriented facilities including advanced medical equipment and techniques, luxurious accommodations, and excellent customer service. The medical center is equipped with hospital-level medical systems with the latest medical equipment. This includes a one-way mirror system installed in recovery rooms, a fully equipped air purifying system, self-generating power supplies, and more. Additionally, they provide state-of-the-art customer service including one-on-one concierge services for international patients, in-hospital translators fluent in 6 different languages, and 24/7 care service from specialized nurses.

  • ID Hospital

ID Hospital is located in the Gangnam district in Seoul.  It is widely recognized throughout Asia for being the leading hospital for facial bone surgery. It is the first plastic surgery hospital specialized in this field. The hospital was founded by Dr. Sang-Hoon Park, a pioneer in the field of facial bone surgery and orthognathic plastic surgery. He founded his own private plastic surgery hospital in 2004 and began performing orthognathic surgery aiming to improve functional and aesthetic aspects for individuals.

ID Hospital also offers dental and dermatology services equipped with high-tech devices and skilled medical teams to provide safe and comfortable orthodontic treatments to patients who had orthognathic surgery as well as other general orthodontic and prosthetic treatments.

  • View Plastic Surgery Hospital

View Plastic Surgery is located in Seoul, South Korea, and offers a range of services to local and international patients, including plastic surgery and aesthetics.

The clinic was founded in 2005 and with a highly-skilled team of specialists offers comprehensive surgical and non-surgical procedures to help you make the most of your own unique, inner beauty. The clinic has several specialist departments, including Plastic Surgery, General Surgery, and Anesthesiology providing treatments for the face and body.

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